Version 0.1.2

It is time! Sort of.

First off, I am so sorry I took so long to have some sort of content update for the game. It's been one heck of a ride since the initial demo release.


In this update, I decided to switch my focus to providing content for the first two days of the game already implemented since I received new character art assets since initial release. Originally I had planned to add the day 1 and 2 content as well as get content for day 3 and possibly 4 for every character and I realize now that that was A LOT for me to try to accomplish all at once. I still managed to get a bit of content for new days, but did not include them in this update, hence the 0.1.2 instead of a 0.2 release. There is still plenty of content that was added, it was just all in the earlier days and behind the scenes stuff.


  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed error where the game would crash when reaching the end of day 2
  • Added Qrom sprites to the PC and Mac versions
  • Added Aldric sprites and story line for days 1 and 2 for all versions
    • Currently you will only meet him if you follow a certain path for now. He will still appear later, I just didn't get that part added yet.
  • Added more story for Reth in day 2
  • Depending on your choices, you will have the chance to see all characters naked (if you're into that)
    • You won't be able to do this in a single play through yet though, you'll have to choose wisely
  • All majors are now selectable
  • Added temporary back and skip buttons to quick menu
    • They'll be prettier later
  • Fixed spelling and grammar errors (still have a lot on my to-do list)
  • Added a music gallery
  • Added the option to turn side images on/off in the preferences menu
    • I was not able to figure out how to toggle different speech bubbles for when side images are off

There are probably more things that were updated that I forgot because it's almost 2:00 am. I may edit the post later if I think of anything or I may leave it as a surprise for you to find. Who knows.

Anyway, thank you all SO MUCH for your overwhelming patience and support. I seriously appreciate you guys so much!

As always, if you do run into any errors, please please please let me know so that I can fix them ASAP. Especially if they break the game.

That's all from me for now.

Oh, also just a fun little thing:



To get to the new route with Aldric have low charisma when lying to Silas

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Wow this chart made me realize that me being 5'1" is short as heck for a man.I would legit come up to Qrom's stomach smh.

And all the 6 ft characters would be perfect smuggling size for you as well. Being short has its perks


thank you for the update . pls take care and don't stress yourself too much  +_+

How can i meet Aldric?


You will need to have low charisma (don't choose "love", "a lover" or "friends") and lie to Silas. If he doesn't offer you a ride then you are on the right track.

Thank you so much.

So I'll have to be an asshole. Ouch!... T_T


Haha. Life is full of tough choices and this game will be too.

Deleted 173 days ago

Yea... I've been thinking on making some sort of guide, but not sure how to go about it just yet since my code is spaghetti ๐Ÿ

Yeah so many choices. The first run I decided to knock on Sila's door, now I tried the other way and I'm still confused on what's better. He didn't seem to like when I just stomped in, but later... Oh well... Decisions, decisions, choices... 


While many choices may have immediate and obvious effects, some choices won't have consequences until later down the road. :)

Deleted 173 days ago

Haha maybe I should post another size comparison chart to see how they compare in other ways ๐Ÿ˜‰

Deleted 173 days ago

Lmao, I'll wait till I've commissioned erect versions ๐Ÿ˜œ

There is a bug that I think is just happening with me because I didn't see anyone commenting on it.
In Aldric's path where you don't take Silas' ride, when you wake up in the cave the rain soundtrack never stops playing and it keeps going for the rest of the game...


Sorry about that and thank you for letting me know. I will look into it. I may have forgotten to stop it at one point in the code.


i'm happy that the vn is still going through. i can't wait for more, good job btw


Thank you so much! I know, it's been a long time. Hopefully as things move forward I'll be able to cut down the time between updates. :)


take as much time as needed, i love this vn, the art style, characters and lore is really interesting

i cant  get day 2 

Thank you for letting me know. Could you please provide some more information?

  • Are you receiving a game error screen?
  • Are you not arriving at the academy?
  • Did you get a ride with Silas or meet Aldric?

so... does qrom have a new day implemented? it kept ending on day 1 with no day 2 in sight

No, the only "new" content for Qrom was adding his sprites to the PC and Mac versions. None of the characters received new days this time around. The main content of the update was focused on adding the new character, Aldric, and a little bit of extra story for Reth. When you say it ends on day one, are you not able to get to the academy? Day 2's content should be when you are at the academy and meeting Orion, Reth and Qrom. It ends with falling asleep in your dorm room and should send you to the afterword where the "dev" is talking. 

Are you receiving a game error prior to those points?


oh i see. My mistake, i thought the day count started when the mc arrived at the academy. Thanks for the info

No worries. Thank you for being vigilant. You weren't the only one to mention not seeing day 2 content so I was worried and wanted to be thorough in case it was an error in the code. Thank you again :)

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Hello! It's me again :3

Everytime i reach the scene/dialogue in my room, the game ends.. ;-; I've done something wrong? Umm how to get the true route with the Reth? ((How to get the new content tho too~?)) (This my number one favorite boy btw~ ^^)

P.s: I'm hoping that Reth will be top tho~ owO

P.s.s: If you ever want to translate the final product into german language, I'd like to offer myself to translate. (Just a little thought tho^^) 

(1 edit)

at the first part with the orb dont pick "love" , "friends", or "lover" and lie to Silas. 
After that dont try to see anyone naked.


Yay, more Reth fans! 

The game should currently end when you sleep in your room on the second day. It should bring you to the afterword where the dev is talking.

In order to see the new Reth content you'll need to have low charisma and lie to Silas. You'll know you're on the right track if he doesn't offer you a ride and you meet Aldric. From there, some of your choices involving Reth will allow you to have more or less of the new content with him.

I plan to have all the characters be able to top or bottom depending on player choices and also possibly have a toggle option where the player just get's asked which they would like (if I can figure out the coding for that), but those kinds of scenes are a long way away.

Also, I appreciate the offer. I do hope to someday be able to have the game translated by teams of volunteers. I will definitely keep you in mind. Thanks!

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I love Reth so much omg. 

Also could you give possibly me some spoilers for seeing Qrom naked. I've seen all the others.

anddd will the human have their own appearance in the future? 

Other than that I really love this game,


I'm glad Reth is getting some fans! :D

Qrom you have the chance to see naked under the following conditions:

  • Got a ride from Silas in the beginning
  • Flirt with him (requires charisma 14+)
  • Have earned at least 3 affection points with him (arm, belly and chest will get you enough points)
  • Then you'll get to the scene where you have the option to see him naked

To see Silas naked you need to meet the following:

  • Have told him the truth
  • Have earned 15 or more affection points with him
  • Then you will have an option to tell him about your dream and either knock or just walk into his room

Also, yes. There are plans to have a customization function for the main character's appearance, but that is going to be much further down the road. So at the moment it's just his silhouetted side face.


Thank you!! Can't wait for future updates!

(1 edit)

I've been quite excited for this update! Glad to see things starting to move forward with the project! I'm especially excited to see what goes on with the latest addition to our roster of eligible bachelors! I've only dipped my toes into this update a little bit, so I haven't gotten around to seeing everything in this update just yet, but I'm really happy nonetheless.

The only thing is I'm trying to get to the new Reth content in day 2 but I can't get it to trigger... All I have are all the same options for day 2... Are there any special conditions I need to meet like stats or choices in day 1 to get the new Reth content??

(By the by, I'm pretty sure the solution to the hallway puzzle is in the wrong order? Like, the directions are all correct, but they're in the reverse order they should be; that is, they follow the same order as is described to get to the admissions office instead of the opposite order.)

Also, judging by the height chart, I'm pretty sure MC is the same height as me, lol

edit: I have only had Aldric for about five and a half minutes but if anything happened to him, I would kill everyone in the Academy and then myself! (himbos are my greatest weakness)


Hahaha that edit XD

I will triple check the directions just to make sure because I did accidentally mess them up before and then fixed them, but it's possible I'm as bad with directions as Aldric is lol

As for the height chart, I thought it would be fun to show how the different characters measure up with each other since it is difficult to really show it in the game due to keeping the sprites crisp and a decent size compared to backgrounds and the like.

The new Reth content is part of the same path you meet Aldric on. The alternate path for Day 2 with Silas' route is still the same with no new Reth content. If you didn't get a ride with Silas at the beginning and run into Aldric, you're basically guaranteed to get some of the new Reth content, but not all of it unless you get enough affection with him and resist some of your urges. 

By the by, just found this out, after I got my PAL after spending the night with Aldric, the "Contacts" tab was empty; neither Aldric nor Silas was registered under my contacts and no one else got registered after I met them, either.


Yea, I realized that as well while working on it today. I forgot to put the right flags in. Since the contact screen hasn't really been a big part of the game yet, I'll just include the fix in the next update instead of rushing out a patch for it. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚


seeing this late and i flew over here


Glad to have you! :D


This is very nice!
I love the whole atmosphere your VN has and i can't wait to see where the story will take us.

Take your time with it, and we will wait patiently for more <3


Thank you so much! <3

Currently trying to meet Aldric. Haven't found him yet :-/ Can you provide any more hints?


Not really without just straight up giving the answer lol


During the intro with the orb, make sure you don't choose "love", "friends" or "a lover". Choosing any of them will make your charisma too high to be put on the right path when you lie to Silas.


Hey, thanks! I'm actually pleasantly surprised with his path, it's like playing a completely different game! (Well, at least until you arrive at the academy at least)

My goal is to have the VN lean more towards a non-linear path, so I'm doing my best to make sure not everything feels the same which hopefully adds some replay value later on as well. :)


Hello! Im quite impressed by this great piece of game! It was hard to get to the Hyena tho but finally i made it! :3

So..umm.. does anyone have some way to get to the nude fox route ? :/ I've tried my best to let my charisma low.. but it's everytime above 10.. Could someone help pls? (I frickin love the Hyena and Fox!)

Thanks for every help in advance!


Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy it! To see fox boi naked you actually need to be on the truth route and have high affection points with him. I've been debating on making a guide, but haven't decided on the best way to go about it just yet. In the mean time:


You will need to have the highest available affection points with him at that point in the game. To get this make sure you choose "I remember" > ask the orb all three questions (grasp, between place, who are you) > "Knowledge" > "Truth" > "Magic" > "Yes" > toast "To Magic" > "Cuddle with Silas" (You can also choose "Someone Sleeps outside" > "Me") > "Joke" > "Go Tell Silas" > "Go in"


Thank you for the fast answer! 


When the Stars Realign! <3

Haha that could be a fun name for a sequel


Hey hey, good work, I was excited for it, you made my day <3

Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜Š

(1 edit) (+3)

Don't worry mate, i know how hard is it. I'm working on a project too. :) I think you just maybe chopped your axe in a big tree like me. :D Well, i have zero programing experience, but somehow i doing it fine. My biggest problem is to customize my main menu and game menu. :D So what i mean, i was on the edge to give up, but then my friends told me: "Szebi, you worked 5-6 hours on this shit today. Take a rest finally. You did a great job and don't dare to give up!" So at the end, i will never give up. No matter how hard is it. :) I hope i could help with this story to you somehow. :3 And don't forget, you did an excellent job. :)

I didn't give up, and eventually i got a friend who will write music to my VN. :D


Thank you for the kind words :D I hope your project goes well too!