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When Stars Fall is a gay (semi-linear-leaning-toward-non-linear) furry visual novel dating sim set in the fantasy world of Eamia. The main character, Marcus Carver (customizable) wakes up in an empty field with no memories save for his name. On his journey to find answers, he finds himself enrolled in an academy for adventurers and meets a few different persons of interest who may help or hinder his search for his lost memories. In this tale will Marcus find his answers, make new friends or foes, find love or sorrow? The choices are up to you.

As the story progresses Marcus meets five datable characters who can be friend or foe depending on the choices made.

About the Developer

Hi, thanks for checking this game out. It's been a pet project of mine for... way too long. I finally sat down several months ago to learn Ren'py and start getting my ideas down on 'paper' and that's when "When Stars Fall" was born. The characters are based loosely on character archetypes that I personally enjoy, especially in dating sims and VNs. My goal is to hopefully create a story and characters that I love and that others will love too. 

As I'm new to Ren'py and coding in general there are bound to be errors and elements of gameplay that can be improved. It's also only me on the project (aside from the artists I'm commissioning) so there will likely be typos, spelling errors, etc. If you come across them, please ignore them if you can (they'll be fixed in future updates as I come across them). If you come across any game breaking errors, please let me know about those. A game is no fun if it's not playable. Anyway, thanks again for checking this out and I hope you enjoy this story as it unfolds. :D

Dev Notes

This game is still a major work in progress. As I am not an artist, all art assets are being commissioned when I have the funds. Also, this is not a main source of income for me, I have a full-time job that takes up most of my time. When I can save up the money, I plan to commission more assets such as backgrounds, additional characters, character poses, character expressions, CGs, etc. In regards to having a full-time job this also means that I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to this project so I can't promise updates on a monthly basis, it's just not something my life will allow at the moment. 

For game updates, all I can say at this point is it will be updated when it's updated. 

     Game Twitter   Furry Paradise & Visual Novels Discord

If you enjoy the game, please consider rating it here on itch. Also, check out the Furry Paradise & Visual Novels (FPVN) discord server. It's filled with lot's of people that love VNs and also many devs of the VNs you may enjoy. When Stars Fall also has it's own channel under the Devs Available section!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(423 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAdult, Erotic, Fantasy, Furry, Gay, Male protagonist, NSFW, Romance, Story Rich
Average sessionA few seconds


WhenStarsFall-0.1.2-mac.zip 265 MB
WhenStarsFall-0.1.2-pc.zip 282 MB
WhenStarsFall-0.1.2-android.apk 285 MB

Install instructions

Simply choosing the platform you wish to download the game on should be all you need. If you've already downloaded the game and are downloading an update and you run into any issues, it is likely an issue with the previous save files and you can fix it by restarting the game and skipping forward.

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so is the games end when the mc gets ready to sleep in his room? i tired and cant do anything to get passed it :/ any help?

I hope you are doing well Matt. I played through this fvn some time ago, and came back to see how it was going. I'm very sorry to hear about all of the difficulties you've been going through in your personal life.

Even if this project is cancelled, I hope that future fvns take some inspiration from this. You showed off many excellent and creative ideas in the content that was released, which made the reading experience incredibly enjoyable, that I have not seen much in other fvns.

Take care, mattmalificum!


I hope and wish for things to turn out for the better for you mattmalificum.

And I wanted to let you know you created something exceptional with When Stars Fall. Rarely has a FVN gripped me as much as this one.


Hey just wanted to ask how things are going now? not asking about the game, but is everything better in life situation? 


Things are not as bad as they were before, but life is still being a bitch sometimes as it often is lol. I really appreciate the check in :)


yeah, life is a bitch sometimes. glad to know that things are going at least alright though! 


what is going on in these comments



when things get tough just remember this one step forward two steps bac

Hey if I know you more I'll be joining u soon

It's a great game so great

Chances are chances you might recover

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Good bye forever when the starts fall sleep well may you rest in piece r.i.p let the cycle of life do itself may God take you and rest forever let yourself set itself may piece be with you

Till we meet again maybe now is not the right time but it will come

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May the stars look upon the devs and protect them may we meet once the stars realign once again.

I did the update but nothing happened, do I restart the game???

It just shows me the message that you wrote at the end. And after that it goes back to the main screen.


The latest update is version 0.1.2. If you played a version earlier than that and tried to continue where you left off when installing the new one, you will likely encounter errors as I changed assets and flags so starting a new game will be required to avoid the errors. If you're still getting the same issue, you may need to clear your save files. This video should help if you're not sure how to do that. Hope this helps clear up any confusion :)


Can I ask if the game is still up to date? 

Because I haven't seen an update for a long time, I don't know if it's still ther


The version released on itch is the most up to date released version. I am working on updating the game still, though nothing has been released. 


wow I'm looking forward to the update thank you for letting me know


Am i the only one that gets onceler lorax vibes from the from silas....


How bad could he possibly be?


I was wondering how to get Aldric encounter, found out that in other comments, but I'm wondering do the MC aways end up lost in the first part to get back by himself to the main hall of the academy? I couldn't trace back my path even following the way that MC did said beforehand...

In another note, I'm new and find this game really interesting and beautiful already (also, love those early shenanigans ) I am aware of the Hiatus, but I'm a patient furry, take all time you need. 

I do however would love an update in the progress from time to time, love reading de logs.



Thank you for the kind words. 

To meet Aldric your charisma score has to be low enough when you lie to Silas that he will deny you a ride in the carriage and then you will meet Aldric. 

No, you aren't meant to always get lost. In version 0.1.2 the directions are messed up and the "correct" answer is Right, Left, Right, Straight, Left, Right.

If you'd like a more in depth breakdown of the choices to get certain paths you can check out the guide here.


wow, this guide is really nice, saves probably hours of tinkering with the choices. Thanks for that. 

Oh, so that's how you get those other naked scenes... interesting, let me just save that for... for science! Yes, for science. 

I usually don't like to be an asshole and go lying, but it will be a sacrifice that I will probably have to do... later [fake drama all over]. (Yes, I'm aware that telling strangers things that are not meant to them is naive and hella dangerous, but i digress)

see ya in the next update or devlog!


My point is vn supposed to take time IF YOU'RE STILL SOLO OR MAKE DEVELOPMENT BY YOURSELF. Which is understandable.

And tbh, nowadays lot of game about to change engine, ui and even platform. So i doubt anyone would get fire up by having pp waiting for free vn which need patreon money and less than usual job.

I am waiting for free vn too, anything is free. However, i do not play free release and pressure about deadline.

I mean lust shard was year to itch but in backyard on patreon is different.

Free is good decision yet there's cons for author too.

Anyone remember "horny chronicles"? Yes that's html vn game. Author disappeared even he updated regularly.

Lgbt and woke drama with velma and hogwarts is really boiling, if author get caught up by it. I wouldn't surprise why there's problems.

if anyone itching for update...

Take tamer as examples.

And these list

- layer of stardust

- lust shard

- spirit interactive (which said deadline ahead but it's far so i think it count)

- infinite star (have devlog but yeah, it's take time to release)

fueled by insanity

Santa Lucia 

Kings guard 


Violet memoir

Those are my favs and there are more so have fun

Btw none of them are finished but some have a lot of content like Violet memoir

Kings guard an Santa Lucia


Yo everyone chillout. He is trying his best working on this VN. If yall fuss or cry about no updates and such it will discourage him into canceling or make the update longer. Im sure he is trying his best. Code writing is hard enough and doing the art. Just let him do his thing and Im sure yall will all be amazed at how amazing this VN is. 

Hey dude make your VN. I know these guys are itchy to get an update. Just you do you and make your story at your own pace. Ill continue to wait lol.

Deleted 122 days ago

Please do some placeholders and update. I forgot about this vn once I don't want to forget it again


Dude when are you planing to do release? It s been a year without updates


Its actually been closer to 2 years now without a game update release. However i have been doing my best to keep everyone updated on what's going on behind the scenes, with the latest update being back in August 2022 here.

I am still working on the project, however, getting new assets has been slow going so in the meantime I've been rewriting the entire code to make it cleaner, updating the UI, compressing different files to make the file size smaller, and working on getting a new release with all of these changes implemented. However I do not have an official release date or an estimated release date. 


I think I said it before but I think an update with placeholders (until the assets are done) is still better than no update at all. Sadly I have seen too many VN that are forgotten just because there is no update in a really long time.

Wulf still having to prioritise his commisions?


Yes, which is totally understandable. Compared to "normal" commissions, sprites take much longer and much more work to complete


keep going I know people or just wanting an update. Take your time this vn is a masterpiece just do what you gotta due and we will wait for whenever you decide to update it no rush. 

Deleted 1 year ago

this game is cool, but I do hope we get to interact and even date other races than drangonkin and beastmen... I like those but once there are more races I want to try them all lol

Is this game still a thing? Admittedly, I haven't been following it (I gave up on it two years ago but found it still listed so I thought I would ask).


It's still a thing. Just a ridiculously slow going thing.


Hope you're doing well! Keepsafe <3


Went for a replay and Aldric really is such a cute boy~ 

Anyway, I was wondering if you might be able to help differentiate between the Mage and Spiritualist/Holy Arts. I can tell HA is going to have some strong heals, but do you think they're also going to have offensive magic or is it going to be a more healing/support/buffs class? Aldric wanted to mostly support his friends it seems, but idk the name also seemed like it could almost be a summoner of spirits of some kind. 


HA is focused more on support and healing, but does offer minor offensive capabilities. Mages are focused more on utility and offense with minor defensive options. I haven't worked out any kind of battle system and for now, most of the class options and abilities will have more of an affect on dialog and story branching until if/when I add minimal combat. An example of this would be the mage character finds himself in a cave with two tunnels, one is lit with torches, the other is dark. If the mage character knows the light spell, there will be an option to travel down the dark path instead of the lit path. The game won't really be a full RPG with battle systems and experience points, etc. 

It will be described in more detail in game during the coming days of the HA major, but users of the holy arts do rely on spiritual allies and form contracts with spirits in order to access and channel magical power. Whereas mages directly access and manipulate the magic within the world itself rather than channeling through another source.

Both sound really cool then! Wasn't sure how deep into a potential combat system we would go, but those kinds of story shifts based on major abilities should be really fun to explore


The Way i kept grinning while talking to silas... but at the same time Qrom and Orion....

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I looked at Silas and the only thing that my mind thought was "I choose him"


Silas really is the crowd favorite so far. Most likely because he's the one players get to know the most at the moment, plus he's got a good personality. :)


Hello Matt, I am saying it again but I love your game so far, I did Every path possible and every choices I could have done and the amount of possibilities is really Impressive when we take our time to check them just because I needed more contents, actually that Hiatus was very helpful 馃槀 

And sorry but really sorry, I couldn't resist and went playing the day 3 of each routes available I found in the game files. Your Vn is Also well written and simple to understand, I'm a non native english speaker so that Can be difficult sometime to be focus on a text so I get bored often but I was really focus from the beginning at the end and I was so mad when the build ended馃敟 

And the OST, it's THE thing I like the most in a vn and yours matches perfectly with the atmosphere

 Each time Prism light starts playing, it got me whatever the number of time I'm redoing it, Also the Menu theme which got lyrics is so cool, we don't see that often. Please if you Can upload some of the ost on a platform like Soundcloud or whatev I would be totally down for, pls think about it, really please. I have so much to Say, can't wait for the next build. Please take care 


Thank you so much for the kind words and the apparently several hours of play time lol. I appreciate it a lot! I hadn't realized that anyone could play the day 3 files in the published build. I thought they were hidden XD. They were very much unfinished and rough with the last update lmao. Hopefully you still enjoyed them though.

The music is definitely one of my favorite parts of this as well. Unfortunately as I purchase licenses to use the music for commercial use in the game, I am not allowed to post them elsewhere or offer them as separate content as per the terms. I will eventually update the music room within the game to be cleaner and better functioning so that myself and others can enjoy the music without having to play through the game, but sadly that's all I'll be able to do. 


Hello, thank you for answering me and for your explanation. I understand and that's fine 馃槀 thanks again for the consideration you give us by trying to improve your game function, that would be really good. I hope that I would be able to support you soon because your VN is great. And yes I still like every second or every bit of the hidden days.

Please keep that track, I'm sure there are many ppl who thinks the same 馃敟


i love  this vn so far its amazing it has just what  i was looking for silas is great character i hope this continues. not gonna lie i put my last name as teigland to see if anything would happen


Nothing happens for now, but that does bring up a good point. Thank you for mentioning this, I will have to add something for matching names! 


there away I can help support you. Btw I'm very sorry I didn't reply back sooner I have been having a very rough time your visual novel may have saved my life it kept my mind on other things rather than something I can't come back from. Because of my dad's death and my mom having cancer 


I'm very sorry to hear you've been going through all of that. Just playing the game and your patience is support enough and I appreciate it greatly. 馃珎


you're welcome and I am clinging to your game as one of the things that's just getting me through today because my mom's cancer has just gotten worse

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It may not mean much from just a stranger on the internet but stay strong. I won't sugarcoat your situation but you are capable of making it through this.


When I checked on the Twitter and saw it died, I was scared for the project, but it seems it's still kicking! Glad to hear that. Hopefully things work out soon with the artist situation and things can calm down for a while


Thank you :)


I have a question what was the name of the song u used in the intro of the game (main screen) I remember it was a female singing 


Know Us by Anica Stemper. Some of her songs were briefly licensable on audioblocks for commercial use.


Thank u very much ^ ^


thank you for posting this here as it is now permanently on my spotify.


i was there is more of this update i really want to know what happens next


Every day I wake up hoping to hear news about the status of this VN... I wish we could at least be kept in the loop about what's going on behind the scenes right now; it's kind of a bummer not knowing what all is actually happening and being kept in suspense for so long...



Sorry for the lack of news. Still have a lot of life stuff going on and trying to still work on the game at the same time. Recently got an update from the artist that he's going to be able to work more on the art soon, he's trying to work on his workflow atm. Other than this, not much has changed from what was mentioned in this devlog from August. 

missing reth


The game is still in development right?


Yep, there's just been a lot of unfortunate setbacks

it鈥檚 understandable. I always enjoy finding great visual novels. I hope everything gets better for you!

(1 edit)

I am not the author or have anything to do with the VN (I just check the dev logs) but I'm sure they appreciate the support

Does anyone know how to see aldrich nude? Also I found out how to see Qrom nude, but can we see his bits lol. Any help would be appreciated.


You can see Aldric nude by following the guide here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1l8GH6B2puVnkwEF6fH6bi08Xy_7SoCKcskNZH0z6...

Basically if your Charisma is high enough and you strip with him you should see him nude. Also Qrom's bits are not in the game currently. The full bits view will come later in the story in future updates lol

hey guys, does anyone know if the game in this current build (0.1.2) stops when we get to our room in the academy or I'm doing something wrong? I've saw that mage, fighter and rogue it's the routes that got more days, but even choosing this routes it all ends after I go to my room


Currently it does end when you get to your room at the end of the day. The above mentioned routes do have more content, however, that is the content I am still currently working on. It has not been released yet so all routes end at the same point currently.


oh ok, I got it now, my bad! haha thanks for the reply


Looking forward to reading more! 

Deleted post

Sorry for the late response. No, character customization is still a long way away in the art asset list. First things to be worked on will be the main cast of datable characters.


Any predictions for when the next update will be ready? I'm really looking forward to it.


Ngl i miss them T_T


I think this VN is abandoned sadly. I haven heard anything from this VN for over a year now.


Look at the comment a month ago


Ahh yeah I see that now. Thx for pointing it out.


Me waiting for any news or updates for this VN be like:
Hachiko GIF - Hachiko - Discover & Share GIFs

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