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When Stars Fall is a gay (semi-linear-leaning-toward-non-linear) furry visual novel dating sim set in the fantasy world of Eamia. The main character, Marcus Carver (customizable) wakes up in an empty field with no memories save for his name. On his journey to find answers, he finds himself enrolled in an academy for adventurers and meets a few different persons of interest who may help or hinder his search for his lost memories. In this tale will Marcus find his answers, make new friends or foes, find love or sorrow? The choices are up to you.

As the story progresses Marcus meets five datable characters who can be friend or foe depending on the choices made.

About the Developer

Hi, thanks for checking this game out. It's been a pet project of mine for... way too long. I finally sat down several months ago to learn Ren'py and start getting my ideas down on 'paper' and that's when "When Stars Fall" was born. The characters are based loosely on character archetypes that I personally enjoy, especially in dating sims and VNs. My goal is to hopefully create a story and characters that I love and that others will love too. 

As I'm new to Ren'py and coding in general there are bound to be errors and elements of gameplay that can be improved. It's also only me on the project (aside from the artists I'm commissioning) so there will likely be typos, spelling errors, etc. If you come across them, please ignore them if you can (they'll be fixed in future updates as I come across them). If you come across any game breaking errors, please let me know about those. A game is no fun if it's not playable. Anyway, thanks again for checking this out and I hope you enjoy this story as it unfolds. :D

Dev Notes

This game is still a major work in progress. As I am not an artist, all art assets are being commissioned when I have the funds. Also, this is not a main source of income for me, I have a full-time job that takes up most of my time. When I can save up the money, I plan to commission more assets such as backgrounds, additional characters, character poses, character expressions, CGs, etc. In regards to having a full-time job this also means that I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to this project so I can't promise updates on a monthly basis, it's just not something my life will allow at the moment. 

For game updates, all I can say at this point is it will be updated when it's updated. 

     Game Twitter   Furry Paradise & Visual Novels Discord

If you enjoy the game, please consider rating it here on itch. Also, check out the Furry Paradise & Visual Novels (FPVN) discord server. It's filled with lot's of people that love VNs and also many devs of the VNs you may enjoy. When Stars Fall also has it's own channel under the Devs Available section!


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hey guys, does anyone know if the game in this current build (0.1.2) stops when we get to our room in the academy or I'm doing something wrong? I've saw that mage, fighter and rogue it's the routes that got more days, but even choosing this routes it all ends after I go to my room


Currently it does end when you get to your room at the end of the day. The above mentioned routes do have more content, however, that is the content I am still currently working on. It has not been released yet so all routes end at the same point currently.


oh ok, I got it now, my bad! haha thanks for the reply


Looking forward to reading more! 

Will the character customization be available in the next update?


Sorry for the late response. No, character customization is still a long way away in the art asset list. First things to be worked on will be the main cast of datable characters.


Any predictions for when the next update will be ready? I'm really looking forward to it.


Ngl i miss them T_T


I think this VN is abandoned sadly. I haven heard anything from this VN for over a year now.


Look at the comment a month ago


Ahh yeah I see that now. Thx for pointing it out.


Me waiting for any news or updates for this VN be like:
Hachiko GIF - Hachiko - Discover & Share GIFs


I really love your vn. And i cant wait for the next update<3


I really like your vn. The art is awesome and I want to know more about the story and Silas wow. But I love the music the most. I will carry you and prism light are my favourite


I really cant wait for next update, I love everything about this game so far its just amazing!


does any of you known what is the state of vn?


It's not dead, still being worked on. I've just had some setbacks the last several months including a computer crash and corrupted files resulting in the loss of some game files that I've been remaking. I'm really sorry it's been so long. 


oky doki. I juste wanted to make sure since its heckin good


I can't wait to see the next update!

first time playing love grand plot foreshadowings ooo so mysterious o-o

I'm gunning for Qrom, they're everything i hoped they be and saw even more of them than I expected, wonderful @__@ 

the RPG stat elements are excellent, even an Affinity meter for each husbando thank you SO much for this, nice to see who likes or dislikes marcus etc. i wish more romance VNs had this feature :D but also a frienemy even enemy mechanic too? very unique there wow  

i can't wait to see more how this game evolves, and my fav dragonkin <3 

5/5 1.2 update 


Should we expect an update soon?


I was waiting for it too

But...still now.

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I did some horny math based on the height chart and naked sprites. The results were that Aldric and Orion's flacid dicks are around 25 cm long (9,8 inches) and 27,5 cm thick (10,8 inches). I suppose the MC is lucky that the holy arts can quickly cure wounds. He might need it.




my dudes out here answering all the important questions lmao, nice


Do we have canon heights for the characters? I'm assuming Orion is at or just under 210cm (7 feet) tall while Silas and the MC are around 180cm.



Cool. I'm just as tall as the MC :)

How do you do the hyena route again?


Some spoilers below:

I'm assuming you mean reaching the dinner with Reth, as that seems to feature the most Reth-related content. 

Starting a fresh game, choose whatever until you reach the question "Tell me, what else do you desire?". Do not choose 'Love'. This will boost your charisma by two points, and you need to have ten (the default value) when you meet Silas.

The next question will have two options that grant charisma. "A lover" and "Friends" both grant one charisma apiece. Those will leave you with eleven charisma, so do not pick them!

Choose whatever until you reach reach Silas. As stated earlier, lie to him when he asks if you are going to the academy. If it interests you to know, you get one charisma point for lying to Silas so you now should have eleven. If you had twelve at this time, he would give you a ride.

The time that you spend with Alderic doesn't seem to affect any interactions with Reth, so choose what you want during his phase of the game. Eventually you'll meet up with Silas again and get a ride to the academy, where you can choose whatever last name and major you want. Orion will drag both you and Reth to the academy tour, where you will have the option to ask about the room with the large black pots. Do choose to "Ask Reth". This is your only opportunity to get the needed favor from Reth.

Take any choice until you reach the showers. Do not peek at Reth! You won't even be able to ask him to join you at dinner if you do. If you successfully resist the urge to see naked hyena, and did get the two points of favor by asking him about the room, while drying off afterwards your character will automatically invite him to eat with you.

Unfortunately, right after the dinner is also the end of the current build, so there isn't much to Reth's route. Hopefully this will be expanded in the future.

By the way, if you initially choose to tell Silas the truth you can still get some favor from Reth by selecting "fight back" and choosing to ask him questions during the tour. However, you won't get the scene with the shower nor invite him to dinner. You will get the option to have him guide you to the admin office, but this will lose you favor with him.

Is there a way to see Silas naked? I only got him shirtless.


There is, yeah. I'll outline the steps below:

When your character has the nightmare and has the option to talk to Silas, you can see him naked if you enter without knocking. However, you have to have him like you enough.

With Silas, you'll want lots of intelligence. This gives you more chances to get on his good side. When starting a new game, choose "I remember". This gives a point in both intelligence and wisdom.

The next choice doesn't matter. Strong is what I normally pick though.

At the next menu, ask all of the questions! These should be: "Grasp","Between place?" and "Who are you?". Asking all of these grants a point in intelligence.

At the next menu, choose "Knowledge" as what you desire. This gives you another point in both intelligence and wisdom.

At the next menu, you can choose any. "Friends" or "A lover" both grant one charisma, while the others grant nothing, so might as well pick one of them.

Name and customize your character. These don't grant any stats, so pick freely.

Wait or follow road until you meet Silas (Exploring the field is fine too). Do tell Silas the "Truth", this grants two points of favor with Silas.

Next, you should get to ask Silas some questions in the carriage. I don't think these matter outside of asking about "Magic", though I recommend clicking through them all anyway just in case. But definitely do ask about "Magic", and do accept the offer to learn magic from Silas ("Yes").

If you have enough intelligence points, the lesson will give you three points of favor with Silas. You'll know you had enough intelligence if your character starts glowing.

When you reach the toast, choose "To magic". This gives three points of favor.

When you reach the tent, choose "Cuddle with Silas". This gives two points of favor, and based on which position you want Silas in can also grant charisma.

Bath options aren't important in this situation, but lavender will grant more intelligence and wisdom and we seem to be maxing those anyway.

While washing the dishes, choose "Joke". Being "sincere" only grants three favor, while joking gives five.

After the dream, choose "Go tell Silas". Immediately after, choose "Go in". Silas should be naked upon your entry, and disappointed that you didn't knock

Thanks a lot! I did most of the stuff that seemed obvious for gaining his interest, like the first choices regarding intelligence, truth, learning magic... But I didn't know minor choices affect the stats. That must have made me miss it the first time. Can we see Orion naked too? I'm guessing if it happens, it will involve initial decisions that increase strength and stamina


We can indeed see Orion naked. Fortunately, he's an easier one.

For Orion, you only need two things: High charisma, and get lost before orientation.

You can actually just follow the Silas guide, with two exceptions. First, choose "Love" as what you desire instead of "Knowledge". This gives charisma. Second, when you are at the tent scene and select "Cuddle with Silas", choose to make Silas the "Little spoon". This grants more charisma than making him the big spoon. 

By the way, in the Silas guide the route I gave gives more intelligence than is actually necessary, so with the first change you can still see Silas before getting Orion.

The next choice after you finish the altered Silas path should be Silas offering a tour at the academy. Neither choice here matters, though I recommend accepting.

If you didn't give Silas your last name in the carriage ride, you'll get to make one when you talk to the woman at the admin office. Once you finish with her, you'll get to try to navigate the halls on your own. Do so incorrectly by only choosing "Right" and you'll be lost in no time and successfully find Orion in a towel. 

Orion will take you to his room so he can change. When he asks you to turn around, choose "Don't". This option only appears if you have high enough charisma. He'll ask again, to which you should choose "Don't". Orion will then lower his towel and his opinion of you, so maybe not the right choice if you want to be his best friend.


oh man i want more and see if there some of sexy and so hot guy have feeling or have relationship with the main character... oh man i really need to know


I'm really like this game.And I'll waiting for next update.Stay Safe dear.馃槈

Hey when is there going to be a update


I'm hoping to have an update out some time next month. There won't be any new art since the new assets are not fully finished, but I don't want to keep you guys waiting so I've decided to continue updates and replace the assets later.

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And I sugest keeping it available as a separate download from the future updated art ones. A little legacy for the old art.


I may. Possibly in the future I may make an art gallery in game and have a legacy tab for the old sprites. We'll see 馃檪


Hope you're doing well 馃


Thank you. I'm doing okay, just keeping suoer busy lol. Hope you are well too


hey2x..?? may i ask this game are stay alive??? bcz i wonder why their no update after all... hysss i love these VN u know.. i hope soon :}


It is still alive. I should hopefully have an update in a month or two. I will be using the old art instead of the new art until all of the new art is finished. 


ahww Good to hear, you have great job Dev,

heyy heyy I just started to play this vn and I need help... how do i get to Orion麓s route?



He doesn't have a route just yet. At this point you are basically just meeting the characters. The only ones that have a longer introduction are Silas and Aldric. The routes will start on day 3 which is not yet released, but will be hopefully in a month or two. There's also a guide if you were wanting to see the possible options for Orion released so far.



Ahhhh thank you!! btw you麓re doing a great job ;)

yes but is ther junk more human or fantasy like ware the dragon as a dick that is like the on on bad dragon or human like can you tell us that?


They all have human shaped cocks instead of more animalistic (no knots). Qrom is the only one that has a slightly different one. While his is human in shape, it does have ridges.


i dont like it but thx ther has been onley 1 time they have got it right with human lucking junk and thats lyre with lyall


Hope you guys are all doing well 馃


What's funny is I named my character Silas, since that's my usual name for VN's. Lo and behold, Silas Teigland shows up shortly after.


lmao. Twinsies! Silas is a cool name


Still waiting for the update for this masterpiece <3 stay safe!


i can't wait for the update, i love this vn, the art style, characters, lore, all of it hmh


So, does Silas have an official nobility title (e.g. Viscount of Eamia) or is that strictly unimportant to his character?


Silas does not have a title himself, however, his father is a lord so should Silas become head of the household then he would inherit his father's lordship.  Silas does however have older siblings and they would be first in line to inherit the title should anything happen to their father. 


Okay; thanks.


And now im paranoid those of us dating him will have to fight gold diggers and navigate political intrigue... which might be entertaining if we can insult nobles without them realizing using their own methods


still here waiting for the day


Can you make a prediction when the next update come out?


Unfortunately I cannot. I have been debating just using the old assets and releasing an update, but I'm not sure yet.


That would be extra work since they're going away right after. We waited so far, might as well wait some more for the fully updated art.


Which at this pace, could literally take another year or more . So rather then nothing it would be nice to have a little bit to bridge the time. Something that can get updated later with the new assets.

Regardless of what he chooses to do, its nice that Matt still takes the time to answer questions here and to keep us in the loop. 


"Which at this pace, could literally take another year or more" lol, what? There is no pace. There's a hiatus untill the new assets are done and then we'll get a big update followed by a normal schedule. No need for such exaggeration.


Silas art alone took months... you just have to do the maths. 

The real problem is that people tend to forget very fast those vn that dont have an update every now and then. I think it would be better to use the old art for the moment and when the time comes it's only about replacing some of the code and nothing more (something that can be done in a "Art update" alone)

I don't know, that's my opinion.

Deleted post

Happy new year to you all! Hopefully this one won't suck as much as the previous two.

sadly this fact is disproven lol


Hello beautiful people of this great VN community of this wonderful game, I hope you had a good time this Christmas, and I hope that the developers have a well-deserved rest at this time.

Merry Christmas to all <3


How are you doing with the next update?

Take good care and drink a lot of water


I wouldn't expect any updates for atleast a few years.

Deleted 163 days ago

Yes, still ongoing

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I think it would be nice to keep the current build as a side option for download. A legacy archive for the original art style.


Any hints on who's currently getting their sprites redone?

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From as I know it Silas but it been hinted that they are working few other. we won't know until they post the logs. I am sure they would come out lovely, Just hope they don't change Qrom to much.... Belly beef rules ;///;

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i have just played this game for the first time and was really impressed. now coming back to this side i realize that i probably have to get used to that  all characters i just met will look different in the future.
its really kind of funny. xD
My Favorit so far is Qrom, even thought there wasnt much with him yet.
i really hope he doesnt change to much, its always nice to have at least one of the "Muscle and belly" type <3


Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it and yes, all the characters will be changing to a new style, though I still hope and aim to keep them recognizable and not make too many drastic changes to their design. 


Heh, I also enjoy this Vn. Only one char I love to much is Qrom as well, just like you quoted " Muscle and belly' Type xD. I like Silas snice he did save MC and few things.


Just checking every vn to see if they have updated, even the ones that got updated a few days ago while eatin my popcorn


lol, not yet, but eventually once all the assets are updated 馃槈 


I remember in an earlier comment saying that you would post the comparisons of updated characters, so is Silas still the only one finished?


Silas is still being worked on currently, getting some expressions and such currently. Once each character is finished I'll post some comparisons 馃槂 

Did you have to call me out like this?

just... follow all the vn creators on itch.io... all the news for updates and stuff will show up in your feed


So I hate to sound naggy but are there any ideas when you'll be able to release a new build or has the change in artist throwing everything into chaos?


Unfortunately, I don't have any specific dates or estimated dates for the next update release. I'm still working with the new artist on getting all the new art for all the the main characters. 

I will say it is highly unlikely that there will be any game update release before the end of the year.


OK thanks for answering.

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